Music Monday! Sunshine...

Hey Readers!

 The sun has got his hat on yip yip hooray! Heat has finally decided to hit England so it only seemed fitting if that this weeks theme should be:


Cecily: "Here Comes The Sun" by The Beatles and "Island In The Sun" by Harry Belafonte
The first thing that immediately sprang to my mind with "sunshine" is this lovely song by The Beatles:

This other song by Harry Belafonte makes a good background for when you are pouring yourself home-made lemonade and dancing about the kitchen. Bonus points if it's on a record player and you are chatting with friendly ghosts that haunt your house a la Beetle Juice. Bonus bonus points if you are Winona Ryder (because I love you, that is, if you are Winona, if not, I may love you anyway, but you don't get bonus bonus points).
Also, the UK is technically an island, so I feel we should take the opportunity to blast this during the brief sunny spells to make pretending it is actually in the Caribbean easier.

Gwendolen: "Skirts" by The Other Tribe and "Anna Sun" by Walk The Moon

 Yay Sun! Yay Summer! Yay killer pollen keeping me locked up inside all day! Yay walks in fields causing allergic conjunctivitis! No really- I get pretty nasty hay fever and the pollen count has been super high this year so it really hasn't been that much fun this year. However it's not all bad. I mean I get to - ah no. There is literally no redeeming side to hay fever.

 I played this song rather a lot during the winter in hope that one day that great yellow orb in the sky might one day return, forgetting about the hoards of Gwendolen-slaying pollen.

Walk The Moon are my favourite band and always make me think of just dancing in the sun with friends and just being a teenager in general. Enjoy!


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