Diary of a Socially Inept Hermit: Part 1

Hey readers!

 So from Wednesday 26th June to Wednesday 3rd July I'm having a huge new-person overload. Scary I know. This is due to the fact I will most likely be leaving my current school in September in order to join a new Sixth Form in September. I have applied to two schools, which last week I thought where very different, but I have know realised are incredibly similar, apart from one thing: IB vs A-level. Apart from that they are both mixed gender (although one is a boys' school in years 7-11, the other a girls'), both super-selective grammar schools, both very University drive, and both very successful at that. In the first school, the sixth form is about 500, and the other 200, so there is also a bit of a size difference.

 On Monday I was 65% for going to the girls' school and doing the IB. However I've got a feeling that may not be my final decision.

 From Wednesday 26th to Friday 28th I had a three day taster course at the boys' school. Which was amazing. I'm not sure how much I will get through in this post as I have only just woken up but I will try and at least do the first day... I hope you enjoy the awkwardness that is my life.

Day 1

 6:15 am start. Not very nice after not getting up until well after nine for the last two weeks. However I had been a very good girl and packed my bag the night before and I had careful selected my outfit (grey/green dress, black tights and boots with red nail and red lips).

 My train came at 7:53 so we left, picked up my friend (the lovely Arawyn) and got down the station and it was all fine and dandy. Until we missed our train because it did not appear at the usual platform. But in that moment it appeared no train actually existed and I was crapping myself.  After a few calls we managed to enlist the help of her Mum who was about to go up to London, but instead sped us up to the school to get us in there exactly on time. I will actually build her a house, I've never felt so relieved in my life.

 We both had to rush to registration in our new tutor group, which were both in the same block so we were both taken there by a sixth former who may have or may not have been attractive. My tutor, Mrs W, had already started the register so I just snuck in, without having the chance to really have a look around at the people there. There was still another student missing who came in about a minute after me. The boys who had previously been at the school laughed as he came in as he was wearing a blue tie. How do I know this? I heard this voice going "Oh here he is! And he is wearing his blue tie!". It's at that point I realised that I had L in form. L is a friend of mine, and well, he is one of those people who has to be seen to be believed. He is, well L. He is posh, a snob, hilarious, who does a killer slut drop and is absolutely nothing like his parents. Once I got over that amusing fact, we were given our timetables, headed down to the hall for a speech, before going to our first lesson.

 I had physics first with Dr P who is mental - fantastic - but mental. However that's not what I remember. I remember walking in (baring in mind I've been at a girls' school for the last five years and hardly ventured outside to actually meet people) and seeing out of a class of almost thirty, only three other girls. This was then proceeded by going a bit weak at the knees and my brain screaming "OH MY DEAR LORD THEY ACTUALLY EXIST. I MEAN I HEARD THE STORIES BUT I DIDN'T THINK I WOULD ACTUALLY EVER SEE ONE." I then proceeded to awkwardly take a seat on a table of guys and not make eye contact for the rest of the lesson. This led to terrible neck ache.

 At break my friend A introduced to me to a girl she met in her tutor called F who it soon turned out is my soul sister.

 Then I had Chemistry. Which was pretty boring if I'm honest, and I've now decided to drop it and do German instead. However at one point he said my group was fantastic and praised us heavily, but at the end of the lesson we were the one group who when everyone had to give their answers were just like "Yeah... Er.. We're just... Y'know... Numbers...." 

 We sat in the caffe at lunch and I repeatedly said vagina.

It's a nervous thing ok?

 My final lesson was maths. Which I freeeaaakiiiinnnn looooooovvvvvvvveeeeeee. We were doing logarithms and it was really great because I could sit there and work through it methodically which made me very happy. Because I'm cool like that.

No really.

I am the coolest of the cool cats.

I don't even like cats.

I'm a dog person through and through.

In year 6 I claimed I was part dog.

No lie.

 Speaking of cool things. I can speak about the guy I sat next to. Who is not cool in the slightest. In fact, he's rather creepy. I feel horrid saying this online but it's rather amusing. We both know this girl it turned out so I asked him how they met and they had met at party (not a massive surprise). There was then this awkward five second pause. 

*Insert creepy voice here* "She's really pretty."

Bit weird but hey. "Oh yeah I know, I wish I could look like her..."

Extra awkward pause lasting in the vicinity of twenty seconds.

"It's like she's been taken from the 1920's."


So we just sat there awkwardly for the rest of the lesson and I sort of ran out to get my train and it was all fine.

Until I realised I didn't have my phone.

 As of yet it has not been returned and I have come to the conclusion it was stolen.

Oh, and my bus was almost an hour late.  

Freaking disasters ruining fairly fantabulous days. 

Well this post has taken me long enough and it is waaaaayyyyyy too wordy so I shall write about the rest tomorrow maybe?

I hope you have enjoyed the awkward thing that is my life. Trust me it gets worse.


P.S. Sorry about the font. 


  1. I have finally found another human being who uses the word 'fantabulous'!!!
    I am not weird! (maybe I shouldn't go that far)
    Sounds like you had a fun(ish) day.. Just ignore creeper boys, it generally makes them go away :)

    1. Of course you are not weird ;) Oh trust me. I tried to ignore him.