Hey Readers!

 I plan to a general life catch-up as my next point, but for the moment I thought I would actually, y'know, write something interesting that relates to that pet belief of mine: feminism.

 There is no need for me to justify my feminism. Firstly, because the likelihood is that you are one too. Secondly, if you're not, then it's your job to explain to me why you think breaking down gender confines and liberating women is a bad thing. I tired of wasting my breath on something that seems so fundamental only to be told that I'm a lesbian.

 Which leads me quite nicely onto what this post is about (it's almost as if I planned it): this thing about feminists being lesbians. Whenever feminists are accused* of being lesbians it is almost said with some desire to offend said feminist; to imply there is something wrong with them. Do I really need to say anything else? Despite most teenagers in my generation (At least at Kent Grammar Schools and teen Feminist bloggers, because quite honestly they're the only teenagers I have regular contact with) supporting the LGBTQ community and being against homophobia, it is still massively acceptable to call a girl a lesbian with it almost being taken as read, that she will be offended. In my opinion, this is a symptom of the prejudices that still exist against homosexual women: they are either the sexual objects of pornography, or fat, angry, ugly dykes**. There is no room for individuality in the perception of lesbians.

 Going back to the issue of female homosexuality in relation to feminism, if we were all lesbians:


 Why is there this implication that if all feminists were to be lesbians, it would somehow make our ideas invalid? In no way does the gender of the person that you sleep with affect the quality of the ideas that you have. Simple. All that does if affect the personal relationships you have with another person on a superficial level. One would never get away with saying "Well this idea is mainly held amongst straight people, so it must be the best way to structure a society", so why can the reverse be so acceptable? 



*I completely get the issues with this word in this context and I would normally avoid using it, because the notion of 'accusation' is so homophobic, however for the purpose of this sentence I'm sticking with it as I feel it serves to emphasize my point fairly well. 

**Basically the point above