Liebster #4

Hey Readers!

 We've been nominated for the Liebster Award for a staggering fourth time by Eileen - thanks a lot! I'm currently lying on my sofa watching The Great British Bake Off Masterclass, and frankly after a day of photoshooting and Cecily seeing, I can't really be bothered to restate the rules so you can find them here.

1. Since my entire life seems to be taken over by the scholastic establishment it seems fitting to make the first few facts about me in relation to my education. The most obvious of these facts being that I'm studying for my AS-levels in English, German, Maths and Physics.

2. My school is technically a scientific research centre that works very closely with CERN (that massive experiment under Europe that's smashing particles together and was apparently going cause a black hole) and is sending an experiment up on a satellite to space next year.

3. I count myself as the best female debater in my year. Basically because I'm the only female debater in my year.

4. I have a part in the 6th Form Play, which requires my God-like presence to remain off stage and invisible to the audience at all times. Yet somehow I have to do all the things I hate doing in regards to acting: laughing, northern accents and sing.

5. I'm considering going to University at either Durham, Yale or Cambridge. Because we all know that can totally happen.

6. If I were to pick an album that would be used as the soundtrack to my teenage years in the movie about my life it would be Where The Heaven Are We by Swim Deep

7. My earliest ambition in life (at the age of seven) was to be an architect. And then I realised you needed to have some drawing ability.

8. I've developed an extreme hatred of spam websites that skew your viewing stats. Any tips on how to stop these?

9. I'm completely running out of things to say. Arrrgggghhhhh.

10. I went to my friend's Halloween party as a gender stereotype.

11. 7 x 3 is my favourite multiplication of three.

If you could be in a different plane, in a different dimension, what colour would the sky be and why?

Well if the sky was a different colour, that would suggest that the atmosphere is composed differently and therefore life – at least what we understand as life - would not be able to evolve. Therefore I would either have to be blue in order for there to be life to observe it, or I wouldn't know as I wouldn't be here.

Name a person you would definitely not enjoy having coffee with?

So now you are having coffee with this person, what are they criticising you about?
That I'm not spreading enough world peace

Would you rather have braces for eyebrows (but it's all cool because you can pick the colour) or another iris on your nose?
I'm going to go with another iris on my nose

What TV show do you wish you could watch without giving them your view?
Well I only have urges to watch good TV so this questions seems slightly redundant.

If you could pick one animal to evolve and become as intelligent as humans, what would it be?
The Philastines*

If you could pick your legacy would it be?
Some of the best seasons the National Theatre had ever seen.

Would you would you engrave on your epitaph?
  For full list of achievements, please see overly large obituary in The Times

Fav Poet?
Carol Ann Duffy

Fav Aspect of Childhood
Expectations of Adolescence.

Trait you look for in other people?
Engagement with the world

I'm only going to nominate one blog, as I haven't been as aware of as many new blogs since my last Liebster Award Post, and that blogger might happen to be my soul sister Fleur at her blog That Little Flower and I'm lazy so the questions are the same as last time, with a minor alteration to the last one:

1) One Harangue?
2) One Fancy?
3) Favourite play?
4) Favourite quote?
5) Hidden Talent?
6) Favourite poem?
7) Favourite ice-cream?
8) Favourite place in your home country?
9) Strongest subject at school?
10) If you were guaranteed success in any career, what would you do?
11) Annoying Habit?

*Let's face it: do they really deserved to belong to species with the name Thinking Man?