Obligatory 2013 Review

Hey Readers!

 Happy completion of the Earth's orbit around the sun! But seriously, enjoy yourself more next year than you have in other previous year. But not too much, otherwise the following year might not seem so fun.

New Year Resolutions according to my Exercise Book of Life. 'Scuse my dodgy thumb and nail polish.

I prefer even numbers to odd numbers. To me even numbers automatically say happiness, and so 2013 seemed as if I could be nothing but not that great. I should really be less prejudiced. 2013 was a brilliant year, mainly because it was a really different year. I wish that I could do a run down of all the months with what they meant and with their significant moments, but I can't really remember January. Oh my Lord. Yes I can. I was doing my Unit 2 GCSE science exams. Geesh that seems like a long time ago. And that's what has made this year so special.

I've changed so much this year. I don't think it's anything to do with the magical allignment of the numbers 2, 0, 1 and 3 that has helped me, but rather I'm just going through one of the rare stages in life were you really can change as a person and for the briefest of moments you can at least feel fungable. Considering that I can't really remember what it felt like to be me at the beginning the year, I don't think that feeling is illusion.

In a way I'm lucky that my birthday is so close to the beginning of the year because it means each year has been defined by my age. Obviously defined is slightly too strong, but 2013 was not the year that I was 15 for a bit, then 16. 2013 was year that I was 16.

I began this year with diary entries that are too basic and boring to put up here (but also contains references to events which I would rather not put up online). It began with me just forming friendships with people that I became incredibly close too, yet now feel like they have drifted away. Of the top 10 people on the chat list on the side of facebook, I knew three at the beginning of the year. At the beginning of 2013 the school I'm at now didn't even figure on my radar of potential sixth forms. I certainly didn't expect to be taking the subject combinations that I am.

During this year I discovered what means it to be a feminist. Not just to simply have feminist views, but to actually be a Feminist. It means putting yourself out there, knowing that you are going to be defined by beliefs that you hold that you know everyone should hold. It means changing your language and the way that you think. I means reading the best pieces of writing the internet has to offer, meeting the most interesting people, and having something to comfort you in times of crisis.

I met some really great people. I met boys. And then had to go to school with them. I also met girls. A few of whom a hope to know for as many years as I can muster. I count Cecily in that, because I feel like I really met you this year.

All in all, I just feel a bit more comfortable being me. Before I sort of had accepted who I was. I never questioned myself, I never allowed myself to be actively comfortable in myself. Of course I'm still not 100% comfortable, which is fine. It means I still know there's room for improvement.



  1. I never realise the importance of clearly written goals but now I'm finally beginning to understand that they do give ourselves some direction in the short term. A lot had happened to me this year as well, and I hope that I can be more focused in 2014 and achieve even better things.

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  2. I love this post! Coincidentally 2013 was also the year I discovered feminism and started a blog. Good resolutions by the way, I'd like to meet some other bloggers too (I'm also in the south east) because while it can be more relaxing talking to people online it would be nice to meet face to face


    1. What a lovely coincidence! If you still are interested when it's about the February half term time, I'm definitely interested in organising a meet up :)

    2. Eek yes I would definitely be interested :) I will try and contact you further at some point x

  3. I love this post and expanding your lipstick collection sounds like a very good resolution. 2013 was also the year I started a blog and I suppose it's when I discovered feminism as well. I would love to meet other bloggers, but I live in a place where there just aren't any other bloggers (ugh) or if there are, I'm not aware of them. Have a great 2014!


  4. Your thumb looks stunning as ever darling.

  5. is it creepy to say that #2 makes me wish I lived in south east England? I want to meet other bloggers so bad. I find myself wanting to meet the writers of just about every blog I follow, they all seem so much more interesting than people I actually know.
    Also, this post was so beautiful. it made me look back and remember my year, too. So much can change in a year, it's kinda incredible.