"Something sensational to read on the train."

Welcome to our little bit of the infinite and all-consuming thing that is the Internet, wherein we blog pseudonymously under the influence of Oscar Wilde.

"Harangues" are present in the form of essays/rants on social issues or aspects of our intriguing lives.

"Fancies" are present everywhere! We basically just throw our book, art, music, photo and whatever tastes at your computer screen for you to find there in the rather amusing form of our writing, or, on occasion (i.e. about half the time), word vomit.

We do hope you enjoy it.

Please feel free to chat to us / ask us things / comment, 'cause we enjoy that and will be happy to answer. See you around!

Much love,

Gwendolen & Cecily

Blog layout/design/headers and all that jazz sorted out by us.
The background image is Mao swimming in the Yangtze river.
We do our best to source everything, but if we missed it/you'd like us to remove something, let us know and we'll gladly oblige.

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