Things that I like at the moment

Hey Readers!

 I'm going to casually brush over my silence.

Instead I'm going to write about things that are making my life happy and good at the moment. In the most beautiful and artsy way this physics A-level student can manage.

 I'm loving that I have less free time. Everybody says that like it's a bad thing. But I'm doing things like working with CERN. Or that I'm seeing my writing style develop into something I can be proud of. Or that I honestly am loving all my subjects. Even maths. Even when we're shown this in maths lessons.

Gloria Marigo Photography
I love that I'm developing my own opinions. And I can scrutinize others and not just blindly agree anymore.

 I love that I'm getting my camera out again. And using it to take good photos. Like really nice one. That's partially down to Fleur. Whom I'm loving also. Like I'm loving all my friends. That's why I've stopped worrying about the drama and the arguments because I know it's not important anymore.

I'm going to Berlin on a German exchange trip in two weeks. We're going to make Feminists On Tour t-shirts. And maybe even a cheeky short film. Gah. I'm so excited. It's Berlin. The city in Europe I most want to visit. Und ich kann viele Deutsch sprechen.

 I'm loving the sound to my life at the moment. It's a lovely mixture of Lorde, Swim Deep, Haim and Blondie. With the off bit of Chvrches and Foxes thrown in for good measure. We went to see this band in town in a cafe on Friday called Zebra Crossing. Go on. Download their EP.

You can imagine I'm the most popular girl ever.

 I'm particularly like that I did a presentation of feminism and intersectionality to my year. And was somehow allowed to put in this picture.



  1. This post literally makes me feel so happy! It is so nice and makes me realise how happy I am too at the moment, I think this might have brightened my day :) I love your writing, its like one of the only blogs I actually read all the words on haha. A good way to start the last month of the year!


    1. Yay for happiness! I must say that I also very much enjoy reading your blog :) I can't believe it's December already....

    2. Oh yay...even more happiness haha!

  2. Wow, I have been listening to Blondie and Lorde almost exclusively over the past few days...
    Have fun in Berlin! Your life seems to be going pretty well! I'm glad :)

  3. Glad things are going well for you! I'm too bogged under with work at the moment to do much else at the moment but A levels is kind of the time when you start developing your own interests and opinions properly, which is fun. Oh and I really want a t shirt with 'feminists on tour' now haha


  4. Just to say that your blog is absolutely wonderful! I was directed here by Fleur (we're NYT friends) when you sent her the Liebster Award Nomination and I have been procrastinating for about an hour by reading your hilarious posts - thank you so much! You are both seriously talented :)