Hey there Reader/Stalker/Lover/Friend/Enemy!

This is my space.

Cecily also has her own space.

But mine is better.

Not that I'm competitive or anything.

This is my space to say whatever the hell I want and do whatever the hell I want without running the risk of people actually reading it.


I did not just say that. Who said that? Immature beings....

Anyhooooo, on to me. Of course you want to know about me.

I'm an out and proud feminist - most probably like you. And if it's not like you. Shame on you... Shame. On. You.

I'm currently taking my A-levels in English, German, Maths and Physics. It's kind of like doing the IB but with just less subjects and fancy words. In fact, it's nothing like the IB.

I'm also a fan of short sentences. And repetitive beginnings.

Actually. If you have a real burning urge to find out more about me, then I suggest you take a little gander around this little old blog here. Maybe even leave a cheeky comment. Or if you're feeling rather extravagant, go on and follow us.

P.S. As a blogger, I'm obliged to have a tumblr account. You can find it here.

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