Music Monday! Beginnings...

 Hey there you beautiful thang ;)

 This is our first regular feature (I'm sure there are more to come... I have few stored in the pipeline that is my mind) 'Music Monday'. I'm not usually one to use cliches and sound straight off The Apprentice, but in this case I will: It does what it says on the tin. Every Monday we shall post music and infiltrate your life with our personal soundtracks, which will be related to a theme. As this is still a baby blog and this is our first post in a series, it only seemed fitting that the theme should be:

(For those that are colour blind, it says 'BEGINNINGS')  

 Now let's get into the nitty gritty in how this will actually work... Cecily and I will both choose between one and two songs (maybe even three if we're feeling cheeky) that relate to the theme; this may be rather obvious link or a very symbolic/deep/tenuous one. The actually blog will be posted alternately by Cecily and I- but because I am older and taller, I get to go first :) However, I'm also very lovely so I'll let Cecily have the first say, so take it away beautiful!

Cecily: 'Begin the Beguine'* by Cole Porter (sung by Ella Fitzgerald)

I'm only going for one song today. This came on several times while we attempted to set up our blog and will now forever make me think of its beginning. It's a good jazz classic to know, although not among my favourite Cole Porter songs (a bit too soppy, although it is pretty), but I hope you enjoy...
*The beguine is a Caribbean dance a bit like the foxtrot, or so the dictionary says.

Gwendolen: 'Forever' by Haim, and 'Paradise' by Coldplay

So like normal, Cecily gets to be all vintage and cool, while I'm stuck with my mainstream songs, which pretty much everyone has probably heard :( HEY HO, does it really matter?

 My first song is 'Forever' by Haim (pronounced h-I-m). You may have heard of them, you may have not. If you haven't, they are a trio of sisters from California. As there debut single, 'Forever' is the beginning of their career, and I tend to have this band playing on repeat while writing blogs for this blog, which we have just begun. See- it totally links (and may I add, I also have teeny tiny huge girl crush on Este Haim, the blonde bassist).

 My second song, which everyone would have heard of, is 'Paradise' by Coldplay. I'm really posting this one for my Mum just to make her sentimental. In my household, this will forever by associated with my brother leaving home and going off to begin University two years ago and thus the beginning of the best two years of my life what really felt like the start of us two growing up. Ironically, this song is about suicide. Which really has nothing to do with beginnings.

 Well I hope you enjoyed our choices- or not. Y'know, everybody is entitled to their own opinions... Helps if they're like mine... But... Freedom of speech and all that... 

 Do comment and follow and I look forward to writing again :)


(NB Cecily has requested that I do quickly mention that after we decided on this theme, she realised  that Rookie's first monthly theme was beginnings, and that we're not trying to jump on the feministo themeos band wagon, and that clearly great minds think alike ;) )

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