Falafel recipe!

Hey readers!

 Today has not been a good day. Wait. I lie. Today has been a blommin' fantastic day (More about this coming at the weekend) but it just so happens that whenever I go near public transport it decides to mess up my life. Firstly, the train I was supposed to get this morning decided to not exist. Then on the way back I left my phone on the train, probably to never see it again. Then my bus home was almost an hour late. Damn damn damn and blast.

 Anyway... I'm assuming you don't want to hear about it, and I don't really want to dwell on how awful my day has been, so I thought I would post a recipe for felafel! 

 My Dad and I loooooove falafel and we like to make it whenever we can. To begin with, it can be surprisingly difficult, but after a couple of tries is super super easy! My recipe is adapted slightly form this one so I'm just going to pop up the pictures of me making it with a little bit of guidance. My one tip would be to add flour to help bind it all together.

Fry the onions

Blend chickpeas, onions and spices
Mix in the egg with your hands!
Roll into balls
Squash, fry for a bit, then flip
I will admit these are nothing like the falafel I have ever bought, but they still taste good!

So what has been ruining your week?



  1. I love falafel! Great tutorial. I'll try it as soon as I can :)