Look at the baby!

Hey Readers!

 As I'm sure anyone in the Commonwealth is aware of, Kate Middleton has had her baby! And do you know what, I am happy and I am celebrating on the inside (I have no real facilities in my house). GASP! A feminist could be happy about a royal birth?

 I know that the feminist community is going to explode with "It's just a baby, blah blah, thousands of
others will be born today" (some of the first posts I saw when I woke up this morning) as well as a load of people in the UK will. But I would just like the chance to say that I feel this baby should be celebrated, not despite feminism, but because of it.

 The only time I ever here about fetus/baby/pregnancy related news is in regards to either abortion, premature births or single parents. Which, let face it, aren't the happiest of things. But for once we are celebrating a healthy baby, born to two loving parents with a supportive family. That is one of the most natural yet precious and underrated things that can happen. As a feminist I feel this is what we should be aiming for every child to have (although one loving parent is often as good as two), and this serves as a reminder as to why access to abortion is so important.

This is going to be one attractive King
 Also, the gender: can people please shut up about the gender. The whole point about the legislation that meant an older sister would not be overtaken by a younger brother in the race to the throne is that the gender no longer matters. BAM! Isn't that what we kind of believe of as feminists? So for feminists disappointed that the baby isn't a girl, just remember that this is the first prince who will become King because he is a royal, not because Prince William so kindly donated a Y carrying sperm when he and Kate cuddled in a special way one evening, which is just as good as a girl not becoming Queen because of her XX. Wanting a girl so that we can have a Queen is equally as bad as wanting boy to become King, in my opinion.

Thirdly, there is no escaping that this child will become a cultural icon. He will grow up to become our King and in doing so a symbol of our culture and heritage. However he will not grow up to be our ruler and ever have any real power; that will be left for our elected politicians. And honestly, who prefers David Cameron to the Queen?


P.S. Congrats to everyone who had a child yesterday as well, I hope you enjoy your royal care package!


  1. I admit, I was rooting for a little girl. But you are so right. It doesn't matter that the baby was a boy, because he isn't going to be king by virtue of that trait alone.

    Also, I understand why people are saying that he's just a baby. But he actually isn't. He'll be a king some day, and it would be a little weird to ignore his birth.

    Great post! (Btw, I just discovered where your pen names come from. Awesome. Just awesome.)

    1. Hahaha, thanks so much for your comment and I'm glad you love our names ;)

  2. I agree with everything you said :))) so weird to think that the king will be younger than us idk!!! it'll be exciting watching him grow up, when i'm 30 he'll only be 13 WHAT