Music Mondays! Covers...

Hey Readers!

 Another week has passed and another Music Monday almost forgotten.......

So our theme this week is.....


This is essentially very self indulgent as there are two covers that I would very much love to share with the world and so I took advantage of Cecily's memory and secured this theme before she came up with anything else... MWUHAHAHAH

Cecily: "Blackbird" by The Beatles (Glee cover)

I've never watched Glee, and cannot even name the individual who has sadly been in the news the past few days, but I remembered some time ago stumbling across a cover they did of "Blackbird", a beautiful song, so felt it was appropriate today.

Gwendolen: "White Noise" by Peace (Disclosure cover) and "Royals" by Bonjah (Lorde cover)

 This is probably one of the best covers ever produced by the Live Lounge, and there are points on offer for every hidden song you can spot ;)

Oh going over to the left of the blog, are we?



  1. I loved that last one! Youtubing the band immediately.
    Ella x

  2. Good choices. My favorite song of all time is probably Blackbird, so it wins. But the other two are great songs too.