Life at a pretty standard school.

Hey Readers!

 I haven't blogged much lately- mainly due to the effects on my body caused by my return to the scholastic establishment. Or should I say start? For those who were wondering (although it was pretty blatent), I've decided to go the boys' school.

 Starting a new school kind of reminded me about the stuff I always forget about, and the stuff that is the same everywhere, and even some stuff I've never realised:

  • Popularity is maintained by everyone else believing someone is popular.
  • "Popular" doesn't actually mean popular.
  • When somebody says "Top State School", what is actually said is "Top [despite being a] State School [but still not as a good as private schools]"
  • One can be saved from geek-dom by being good looking.
  • The geeks are always the best.
  • Teachers pick on you to answer questions if you make eye contact.
  • Teachers pick on you to answer questions if you don't make eye contact.
  • Homework will always be set for tomorrow.
  • Staring is a terrible wooing tactic.
  • Gender stereotypes regarding gossip and being two-faced are completely wrong.
  • The snooze button is too conveniently placed.
  • The only thing you want to learn in another language is insults.
  • The year above is always terrifying.

The back of my hair, taken by my Dad


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