Diary of a Socially Inept Hermit: Just slightly overdue Part 4

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 Yesterday I realised I never did the final part of my Diary of a Socially Inept Hermit (follow the links to locate parts 1, 2 and 3) but luckily I also remembered I did more than usual detailed diary entries about that so I'll just write that here! Woo!

Day 4

 You join me on a trip to UEA with the top IB state school in the UK.

Tuesday 2nd July 2013

 It may come as a surprise to you to learn that I am currently writing from flat NC24E at UEA.Technically, I should be asleep right now so I feel a little like a naughty school girl having to turn off my lamp whenever I can hear a teacher moving downstairs. The light I'm currently writing in is very harsh, like I'm being inspected however the isolation and silence of having almost no one in the same building makes the atmosphere perfect for writing.

 Being the only student from my old school coming on the trip, I wasn't really sure what to expect socially, but after the three days last week, I wasn't expecting it to be this awkward. All the girls from here are very cliquey and so it's been difficult to intergrate, however the external students I have met are lovely (although I can't remember their names), while the internal students have been a bit of a mixed bag.

 In the flats next door it's very clear the boy-magnets definitely not my type of person generic popular girls have taken up residence as there have been hoards of boys going in and out throughout the evening. I had the unfortunate task of socialising with them in our break and although most seem OK there is this one girl seems to have taken after her name, in that she has a name that just has an annoying sound.

 But it's not all bad. I came up on the coach with a group of girls and we talked (very energetically) for the whole journey, much to the annoyance of the rest of the coach who clearly just wanted to sleep.

 Activity wise we had a tour around campus (as warned,UEA really is just an ode to concrete), had a talk about why we should go to University (they had a really hard time convincing me), 'group bonding activities' (one of which involved making a symbol that represented our group [ours was people holding hands] which then had to be presented. I was nominated to speak, which I think went alright as pople laughed and remembered me for it) and of course, lots of school propaganda.

 I really don't know what to do in regards to sixth form. I still maintain that the IB is a superior qualification to A-levels, but it's not as the latter is completely awful. However at the boys' school I felt immediately comfortable, while it's taken me a while to relax here and get used to the atmosphere (it was better around boys). Unlike the other school where I will be genuinely sad if I didn't see anyone I met again, I don't know if I can say the same for here. 

Day 5

Wednesday 3rd July 2013

  I am currently almost half way through my journey home (I'm leaving early due to prom) but no closer to my decision about sixth form.

 I see no point in lying and I am not afraid to admit that at some points yesterday I had pretty made up my mind that I would be going to the boys' school. I felt very out of place and could not see myself immediately settling in. Although I am not 100% of the way there, it was much more enjoyable today, although I was not necessarily sad to leave early. 

 Waking up was hard this morning (the alarm went off at 6:45am) but I was packed, dressed and ready to go within about fifteen minutes of finally leaving my bed.

 I ended up being much further ahead of the group I found myself in yesterday when getting breakfast, so I did have to sit awkwardly by myself for about ten minutes, but luckily acting has given me enough techniques  to relax when I am by myself and feeling like all eyes are on me. The girl with annoying name and another girl in my house were at the table next to me and so I spoke with them for a bit. I am warming to her, since she has come under the much misguided to conclusion that I'm good at sport. Ha.

2:30 pm

I've just changed trains and am now on the one that will take me right back to my joyous home town and may I just say I feel very cool. To begin with I am wearing a very pretty dress, however I have paired it with my boots, my red leavers hoodie, and a number of bracelets, but it's my UEA wrist strap that gets me free food that makes it. On top of that, I am traveling through London by myself with The Wombats for my soundtrack. I love having independance.

After breakfast we went up into Norwich to do a rt race a.k.a. exploiting the internet. As part of this we had to go around and take pictures of gorillas. Which was a fairly good bonding experience, despite the face I can't remember anyone's name.

After that I needed to leave and get the rain, which brings me to now. 


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