Hey Readers!

 Sixth form has messed up my sense of time. Year 7 happened yesterday. This morning was a year ago. My blogging sisters*, are you feeling me?

 I want to tell y'all about my first week and half, but blurgh... There's so much and so little to tell.

I've discovered a real life bigot. I have managed to produce the worst school photo ever. I've taken part in feminist vandalism (I'm hoping to retrieve the picture from my friend soon). I have finally been able to tell people about all some of my pathetic feelings. I've also realised that I'm basically Olive in Easy A. I have managed to attract no attention from boys, despite being around a gazillion of them (but that's cool: I'm a strong independent woman who likes to shove her feminist beliefs down everybody's throats).


*I swear there is no XY interest in blogging


  1. Three cheers for feminist vandalism! I relate to this post so much.

  2. This post may be short, but it's amazing. Seriously though, I literally have not seen any guys around the blogosphere. Maybe I'm looking in all the wrong places? And I can relate completely to your messed up sense of time - that's exactly how I'm feeling right now.


  3. I totally had not noticed that I had never encountered a male blogger until you pointed it out to me, I wonder why...

    P.S. Don't worry about your school photo. I reckon they specially engineer them so everyone looks awful.