Now I have a chance to breathe

Hey Readers!

 I am finally blogging. After months of begrudged silence, my fingers are finally tapping across the keys talking to people who maybe care a bit more than most of the people I see everyday but in reality still not that much. My show is over, my English coursework is in and my physics ISA is successfully retaken. I'm doing ok in German*. But the foot high pile of books by my bed remains untouched. It's one of the most depressing/exciting sights in the world.

MØ - Slow Love

 So what has happened in my life? Jeez. Where to start? Well, we have had three meetings of my school's new FEMINIST SOCIETY founded and run by yours truly (plus Fleur). Our last meeting was a talk on "Militarization and Patriarchy", which was our best attended (24 humas/uncountable numbers of bacteria) yet, and also longest (didn't actually leave the school building until quarter to six). As my school's Prof of Arts and Humanities likes to say - "we're beginning to shake things up around here". I've even been asked to interview the potential new physics teachers as a sexism scout.

 What has basically been my life

 I also got Head Girl! Sort of yay. I never really got the high that you normal get after something like that. It was probably partly because I was feeling disgustingly ill, but it wasn't even that kind of neutrality of an anti-climax, if anything I was just feeling a bit down. Whenever my life has been crazily busy and stressful, when it finally stops and I can have time to bond with sofa, the next day I'll always get into this introverted mood, where my thoughts seem to continuously compete with the external world to be the main part of my consciousness. But this time it was so intense and persistent. And it lasted for days, until I just ended up having a really horrible day on Wednesday.

Prinzegeorge - Victor

 Despite the fact exams are next month I managed to swindle doing nothing yesterday. It was the end of term so my school had Dong Chen (Sixth Form football competition where the lower school get to goggle at sixth form girls running about in almost nothing**) to raise money for Leukemia research. I'm now wearing my "Can you handle this Dong?" T-shirt. Then I popped down into town with Max and Fleur, the latter of whom we discovered as a phobia of topless men. In the evening it was Fleur's 17th party, which was most enjoyable and teenagery.

Claiming my brother's wall



**Year 12 and 13 choose a theme each along the line of slutty-[insert generic predictable theme here]. We had sports, so Fleur and I rocked the Gothic Lesbian Cheerleader look.


  1. ew work is totally getting me down too and stopping from doing actual interesting stuff. But well done on getting head girl, and your feminist society sounds totally awesome xo


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    1. And there was I expecting some totally deep and insightful comment...