Gender equality and violence

This image was posted on my school's Feminist Society facebook page. It was then proceeded with a short debate, which was nicely free from mindless sexist arguments, and covered the usual ideas surrounding the debate on gender violence. Then I posted a reply I was so proud of I thought I would allow myself a small bit of indulgence and share it with y'all:

The whole gender violence debate is a really grey area for feminists, as yeah, in a gender equal society violence would be a problem in itself and people's gender wouldn't come into it. However, we do not live in a gender equal society - we live in one with historical patriarchal structures. This is why violence against women by men tends to be seen as a bigger problem for feminism, as violence (inc. rape) are tools for oppression and therefore reinforces the perception of men as dominant. There is also growing concern for male victims of domestic violence who are equally damaged by the issue, but have been ignored by both society and feminists (until recently). But the real heart of this issue is domestic violence and abusive relationships which are hugely damaging to the victim, regardless of gender. It is this that feminists are really trying to stop, I know at least for myself I really don't care about the gender of either the victim or perpetrator.



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