Good Luck!

Hey UK Readers with results tomorrow!

 I want to wish good luck to anyone getting results tomorrow. This is most likely to be GCSEs, but it could your driving test... Or an STD test.

 I find with these types of things its best to go in with a negative mind set so your bound to be happy with how well you have. Or very prepared to deal with the fact that your future is looking iffy to say the least. So as the fantastic blogging friend I am, I have decided to take inspiration from the Romans and install a "prevention not sure" way to deal with your on coming depression due to said results. I suggest that when you open your results letter and realise your life is completely screwed, before the first tear even leaves your eyes I suggest you watch this [see below]. It may not start off as funny. But the second time you watch it you should be giggling like a giggly thing. Eventually you shall reach my unfortunate state where it is not funny, but hey.

 And remember: no matter what happens, your results can't be as bad as the current layout.

 P.S. For a song that is genuinely uplifting, I suggest you head right on over here

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  1. I actually kind of like the current layout. The background's really nice.