A snazzy introduction to myself, ‘Gwendolen’

All my beautfil plays and other drama related books, in a rather unsatisfying edit (texture)

Guten Tag! I make up one half of the team, and looking through at the subjects I currently plan to blog about- it will be the ‘harangue’ part most likely. So, like my other beautiful counterpart, Cecily, I am writing under a synonym inspired by the wonderful ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’.

 Now I am sure you are all begging for information about me, and because I’m mean I won’t give you any.


I shall give you the bits you need to know.

 I suppose the most important thing* to know that I have issues over food. Not like anorexia, or obesity, in fact I would say I have a fairly healthy body. No, it’s none of that- I believe you should respect your food. Not enough people do! I really think respecting food, and realizing how wonderful a really good meal is would solve many of the world’s problems…. But more on that later….

 My favorite colour doesn’t exist. I feel having one would discriminate against the other ones. And that would be wrong and immoral.

But I am a fan of pink.

And blue.

 In my natural state I like to be a social hermit. However, my friends have done a rather unfortunately good job at tempting me into the outside world. I hate it. But naturally, I like to either be curled up with a little bit of Shakespeare, or maybe watching a rather good BBC Drama/BBC 4 Documentary (1- yes I am a fan of the BBC, and 2- BBC 4 does actually exist), or eating a really nice risotto.

 Life is too short to be guilty over your pleasures, so I don’t have one (NB to clarify- this means I do not have a guilty pleasure, not as my father suggested, that I do not in fact have a life).

 I am big fan all the types of literature: prose, plays, and believe it or not, poetry (and I feel I may as well admit to the fact now that I did indeed get some Carol Ann Duffy for my birthday….). But the guy who has the special place in my heart will always be Shakespeare…. We all need a little Will power every now and then ;)

If I were to describe myself in three words they would be ‘God’ ‘Damn’ and ‘Sexy’. Hahaha no. I feel too weird coming up with three words to describe myself, so I have enlisted the help of my friends…. And here is the beautiful collection of words they have suggested:

Hilarious, beautiful, sexual, messy, clever, pretty, excitable, frolicsome (my personal favorite), compassionate and compelling.
 Well I think that’s everything- so I look forward to shouting at you via the internet seeing you shortly with more excitingly rampant feminist blogs! Yay!


P.S. Forgot to say I’m a big theatre fan- like when I say big, I mean HUGE. I even have books by Stanislavski. No teenager needs to have that.

P.P.S. I would like to apologise now for the hypocrisy that will probably appear in every blog, but remember not only am I teenager (therefore, I’m currently discovering my political views and blah blah blah) but I am also English.

*I say important, but I really mean is, the first interesting thing that came to my head


  1. I own books by Stanislavski too, as well as like seven Brecht plays. I really like Shakespeare as well. My favourite play by him HAS to be Much Ado About Nothing- it's just so hilarious, and I love Beatrice and Benedick.

    I love how you guys are using names from The Importance of Being Earnest. It's really awesome.

    1. Hehehe thanks :D In regards to Shakespeare, I must say I prefer As You Like It (mainly because I saw a rather attractive production with Cecily last year ;) ) but my all time favorite has to be Anthony and Cleopatra- it's like a super sexy version of Romeo and Juliet, with added politics and far less whining.